Volaris Cancellation Policy

Volaris Airlines is known for its convenient and low-fare flights, and passengers prefer to travel with Volaris flights.

This airline has rules and policies for its customers for easy and stress-free flying. Volaris cancellation policy is one of them. This cancellation policy helps passengers how to cancel tickets and get a refund. 

So, let’s discuss in detail the Volaris cancellation policy further.

Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

Volaris Airline is based in Mexico City. This airline provides convenient and safe service to its passengers in Mexico, the United States, and Central America. 

Here are important points that you remember while canceling your flight:

  • In most cases, Volaris Airline doesn’t allow you to cancel your ticket.
  • If a passenger cancels their ticket, cancellation fees will be charged.
  • A passenger can cancel their ticket before 4 hours of flight departure.
  • A passenger can’t transfer their ticket to another person. 
  • A passenger can cancel their ticket to inform the Volaris agent within 24 hours of buying the ticket.
  • If the passenger hasn’t checked in at the airport, then they can cancel their flight, but no refund will be provided. 
  • In emergencies, a passenger can cancel their ticket, and no cancellation fees will be charged.

24-hour Volaris Cancellation Policy

This 24-hour Volaris cancellation policy provides the facility to cancel a ticket after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. A passenger could get a full refund if they booked a flight 1 week before departure. Volaris Cancellation policy will be applicable in this situation. 

Note* This policy has a few restrictions depending on trip location. You can call Volaris customer service or visit the Volaris official website.

Volaris Bad Weather Cancellation Policy 

You will not get a refund if Volaris Airlines cancels the flight due to bad weather. According to Volaris Airlines, natural circumstances are not in control.

What are the Cancellation Fees for Volaris Flights?

After the Risk-free Period, Volaris Airlines charges fees of $100-$500 for ticket cancellation.

If the passenger cancels a ticket within 24 hours before departure, the $100 to $400 cancellation fees will be changed. You can also call +1 888-982-1907 to cancel your ticket.

How to Cancel Volaris Flight Ticket?

Passengers can cancel their Flight ticket by following the below-mentioned procedures,

1. First, open the Volaris Airlines official website www.volaris.com.

2. Login into your Volaris account to make any changes, including cancellation.

3. After logging in, select the “My Trip” option, as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Then, fill in the “Reservation Code” and “Last name”.

5. After filling in the above details, click “Go to My Trips”.

6. Many options will appear. Choose the “Cancel your Flight” option to cancel your flight

7. After that, pay the cancellation fees if shown there.

8. Complete the above procedures, and your flight will get canceled, and you will get the flight cancellation confirmation Email. 

What is the Volaris Flight Cancellation Refund Policy?

Volaris Airlines provides you feature to get a refund after canceling the flight. You can cancel the ticket by contacting Volaris customer service after 24 hours of purchasing your ticket. 

A Volaris agent can ask you for documents such as the flight booking number, the passenger name, and the email address used during the booking.

You can get a full refund depending on your trip. You can also get full if you book a round trip.

Important Points for Volaris Flight Refund

Before following the Volaris refund procedure, check out the below-mentioned important points for a refund.

  • For the refund, you must apply on the Volaris official website or call the Volaris customer center. 
  • You can get a full refund on non-refundable tickets if you cancel your ticket within the same day.
  • Refund will not be eligible after a day of booking.
  • You will receive your refund within a week. 

For a better understanding, you can go to the Volaris website or call the Volaris customer executive.

How to Get Volaris Flight Cancellation Refund?

If you want to get Volaris Flight Cancellation Refund, follow the below-mentioned procedures:

  • Visit the Volaris official website on your device.
  • Login to your Volaris account.
  • Open the “Manage my flights” page for further changes.
  • Then, fill in the information related to canceling your ticket.
  • Click on the “Refund” Tab. 
  • After completing the above procedure, follow the important steps that will appear on the screen. 
  • You will get your refund within a week.

How to Cancel Volaris Flight Ticket Via Offline?

  • Call the Volaris customer center to cancel the flight.
  • You need to listen and follow the important guidelines further. 
  • After connecting to the Volaris agent, he will ask for details such as “Reservation Code”, “Email ID”, “Full Name”, and more that you used during the flight booking.
  • After all that, you will receive a confirmation Email for a refund on your registered Email ID.

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