Swoop Cancellation Policy

Many passengers need help with canceling their flight tickets. Swoop Airlines’ cancellation policy ensures that its customers understand all relevant cancellation rules well. Fees, refunds, and compensation given during flight cancellations are also covered under the policy. The passengers can resolve any uncertainty that develops during their cancellation by comprehending the policy regulations.

What is the Swoop Cancellation Policy?

Swoop’s cancellation policy covers all the rules and guidelines for the cancellation process. Swoop airline intends to simplify the cancellation process for passengers and help them know about refund eligibility. Here are the cancellation rules in the following:

  • Within a 24-hour risk-free period, you can cancel any ticket without penalty and get a full refund.
  • After the 24-hour risk-free period, cancellation fees are charged by passengers.
  • Some refundable tickets allow getting booking fees.
  • There are various cancellation methods. The two most popular ways to cancel a flight are by visiting the Swoop Airline website or calling customer support.
  • Customers can get granted compensation if Swoop Airline cancels a flight.

Swoop 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Customers can easily cancel their flight tickets without being charged, thanks to the 24-hour cancellation policy. The total amount will be refunded if a ticket is canceled within 24 hours of the purchase. But, it should be remembered that the flight must have a departure time of 7 days or more to use this option. A 24-hour cancellation policy is applicable on all ticket types.

Ways to Cancel Swoop Flight

As per Swoop Airlines’ cancellation policy, there are several ways to cancel a Swoop flight ticket. By Visiting the Swoop official website, users can choose the online approach. Customer service can also be available for cancellations and refund requests. There are two methods to cancel a swoop flight ticket as follows.

How to Cancel Swoop Flight Online?

Customers can cancel the flight ticket by visiting the Swoop official website to cancel tickets. Various instructions will be displayed on the screen throughout the flight cancellation process, so carefully follow them. Here are the processes to cancel the Swoop airline flight ticket.

  • Visit the Swoop Airlines official website.
  • Register or log in to the website.
  • After logging in, click on the “Manage my Bookings” option.
  • The next step is to choose which reservation want to cancel.
  • Passengers will need to follow the prompts to continue.
  • To complete the cancellation procedure, click “Yes, Cancel” one last time to cancel the ticket.
  • After completing the process, the swoop airline will send a confirmation email to cancel the flight ticket.

How to Cancel Swoop Flight Offline?

Passengers who experience any issues with the online cancellation process can go with the calling option of Swoop Airline’s customer service center on the phone. For passengers who need help canceling their flight tickets, the airline maintains a support group called “24/7 customer support.” Also, the team provides helpful details on the refund process and other flight delay information.

Swoop Airlines Cancellation Fee

If an airline passenger cancels a ticket, they will be responsible for a specific fee. Swoop Airlines’ charges fees are described in the following.

  • No cancellation fees will apply if a ticket is canceled and purchased within the risk-free 24-hour period.
  • There is a cancellation fee for canceled tickets after 24 hours of purchase.
  • There may be a fee for scheduling changes for the flight.
  • If changes are made between seven and three days before departure, a $150 fee will be charged.
  • If changes are made when seven or more days are left for departure, a fee of $100 will be charged.
  • However, only a $10 fee will be charged if changes are made after modification. Unfortunately, only one alteration is allowed per the swoop policy.

Swoop Refund Policy

There are a few ways to get a refund under the Swoop refund policy. If tickets are canceled within 24 hours of booking may receive a portion of the total booking fare. But after 24 hours of ticket booking, only refundable tickets are eligible for a refund.

Swoop Compensation Policy

When Swoop Airlines cancels a flight or experiences a delay of more than three hours, compensation will be provided to the passenger. Most of the time, travelers choose to book a new flight. Travelers can get a refund if they want to refrain from participating in the new arrangement, though. Due to reasons for the cancellation or delay, the airline provides compensation to the passengers. The Swoop airline compensation is described in detail below.

  • A minimum of $125 can be granted for flight delays or cancellations caused by circumstances within Swoop’s control, such as IT system failure or any other technical issue.
  • If the actual departure is delayed by 6 to 9 hours, Swoop Airlines offers a $250 compensation.
  • A payment of $500 may be issued to passengers who are traveling with this operator for delays of more hours.

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