Delta Flight Change Policy

Customers may desire to change their airline reservations due to unforeseen personal situations or changes in travel plans. You won’t need to worry if you fly with Delta Airlines because the company believes in giving its clients and travelers complete flexibility when changing their travel arrangements. Before using the airline’s flight change service, a traveler must fully comprehend the terms and restrictions of the Delta flight change policy. See the section below for further information on the intricacies of the Delta change flight policy.

How Do I Change a Delta Flight?

Find a comprehensive response to the query “How to change a Delta flight?” The following is a list of the conditions, guidelines, and steps involved in changing a flight with Delta Airlines.

How to Change a Flight for A Non-Refundable Ticket?

There will be a cost of between $200 and $500 if you need to change your flight reservation and have a non-refundable ticket. The fee will change according to the destination listed on the reserved ticket and how much more expensive the new flight is than the original.


  • Enter your login information on the official Delta Airlines website.
  • Find the “My Trips” option and select it.
  • Select the desired flight at this point.
  • Locate “Modify Flight” and click it.
  • Click on the “Start Flight Change.”
  • And pick a different flight.
  • Continue the checkout process and pay the change fee and fare difference.
  • Get the confirmation for your new flight reservation before you leave.

Delta Flight for A Refundable Ticket

If seats are available and all requirements are met, the change cost may be waived for holders of refundable tickets. However, you will be required to pay the difference in fee if the price of the new ticket is higher than the price of the old one.

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website and sign in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “My Trips” tab.
  • Choose the flight you want to change.
  • Now click “Change Flight.”
  • then select “Start Flight Change.”
  • Decide on a new flight.
  • Now finish the Delta Airlines checkout process and pay the additional cost for the tickets.
  • Don’t forget to obtain the updated confirmation of your flight.

How to Change a Delta Flight for Third-Party Tickets

If you want to change a ticket that wasn’t purchased directly via Delta Airlines, there can be an extra price. Bookings made through an offline travel agency, an online travel agency, or another airline may be subject to an extra surcharge (including codeshare partners and SkyTeam).

There will be no additional payment for the following:

  • Tickets issued by Delta Airlines.
  • Reservations using military or government rates
  • Involuntary delays, cancellations, or schedule modifications that are confirmed to occur on the same day
  • Reaching a SkyMiles upgrade as a passenger
  • Visit the Delta Airlines official website ( or contact a Delta Airlines executive if you want further information on changing a Delta Airlines flight.

Same-Day Flight Changes with Delta

Customers can readily benefit from Delta’s choices for same-day flight changes. A traveler is altering their itinerary in violation of this rule if they do it less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure. This restriction only applies to passengers flying between Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands and the US. International or basic economy class tickets are not eligible for the Delta same-day flight change service, and all same-day changes are contingent upon flight and seat availability.

Two Possibilities Are Available Through Delta Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Service

Same-Day Confirmed Changes

If a seat is available in the fare class the passenger had initially reserved, the passenger may swap their tickets for a confirmed seat on an alternative flight. This service is free for Gold Medallion, Platinum, and Diamond members.

Same-Day Standby

If there are no options for same-day confirmed alterations, the passenger may decide to wait for a seat on an earlier aircraft. The change fee will be assessed only after the passenger is granted a seat on the desired flight.

Frequently Asked Questions Related Regarding Delta Flight Change Policy

Can I Switch to Delta Airlines for My Return Flight?

Yes. By paying a significant sum in Delta airline change fees, you can modify your return flight.

Does Delta Airlines Charge to Customer for Change the Flight Time?

Yes. The traveler must pay a change fee to change the flight date and time. Paying the change charge per the Delta flight change policy can make modifications up until the day of departure.

How Can I Call Delta Airlines and Adjust My Flight Dates?

Depending on the fare category and the time of alteration, the airline will impose a change fee. Read the Delta flight change policy to learn more about the flight change cost. The fees for changing a Delta flight normally vary from 100 to 500 USD.

How Do I Change My Flight on Delta Airlines via Offline Mode?

Always contact professional travel consultants if you need to change your flight offline. The representative will assist you in making the necessary changes to your planned ticket. You will have to pay Delta flight change fees based on your fare category once the modifications have been made.

How to Change My Seat on A Delta Flight?

Several methods can be used to request a flight change with Delta Airlines. If you heed our advice, you should always select the online alternative because it will help you save time and money. You won’t incur additional costs using Delta’s online flight change service.

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