Spirit Flight Change Policy

Any of us may get into a situation when we need to amend or cancel our airline reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. You need to be familiar with Spirit Airlines’ policy on flight changes to handle this kind of circumstance. Spirit Airlines welcomes its customers and passengers with open arms when it comes to adjusting and amendments to a flight reservation. Below are a few key elements of Spirit Airlines’ policy on flight changes.

To prevent future confusion and be prepared, passengers are recommended to read and comprehend Spirit Airlines amended policy. With Spirit Airlines, you will receive clarification on all terms and conditions relating to changing your flight.

  • Always make changes to your flight reservation within 24 hours of making the original reservation.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise, such as a death in the family, passengers are free to change their flight plans.
  • Spirit Airlines will not charge a change fee for this situation if you produce the supporting documentation (obituary).
  • If Spirit Airlines changes the departure and arrival times of the original flight, the passenger will not be charged a change fee to switch to another flight on Spirit Airlines.
  • Using a credit card while purchasing tickets will give the traveler trip change insurance.

If you purchase a flexible ticket directly from the airline and not from a third-party travel agent, you can alter your flight with Spirit Airlines without paying a change fee.

Flight Changes with Spirit Airlines

When you consider changing flights with Spirit Airlines, the first thought that will likely come to mind is, “How can I alter my flight?” Continue reading to find the complete answer to this question. Spirit Airlines allows its clients and consumers to choose between online and offline flight modifications. A passenger can use any of the abovementioned options to change flights with Spirit Airlines. You can manage your reservation by using these accessible options.

How to Change Your Flight with Spirit?

After purchasing a ticket, passengers ask this question the most. Many travelers are unaware of Spirit Airlines’ method or policy regarding flight changes. No problem, you can study this and comprehend the guidelines for offline and online flight change techniques with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Change Flight via Online

24 hours before the originally scheduled flight departure, passengers may easily request a flight change without incurring a change fee.

  • Log into your account by visiting Spirit Airlines’ official website at https://www.spirit.com.
  • Select the “My Trips” option now.
  • Enter all the information, including the ticketed passenger’s confirmation code and last name.
  • Click “Continue” from the menu.
  • Select from the list of booked flights for the flight you want to change.
  • To complete the flight change process, adhere to the further on-screen steps and instructions.
  • In the end, be sure you get an email or phone confirmation for the newly made flight reservation.

Spirit Flight via Offline

Some travelers want to change their flights the traditional way. Spirit Airlines also provides its customers and passengers with the offline option for changing flights with them. To request a flight change, passengers can contact Spirit Airlines at their toll-free number or go to the airline’s ticket reservation desk or kiosk at the nearest airport. Employees of Spirit Airlines will completely assist and direct you with your flight change or any other booking-related question at the airport or over the phone.

Spirit Flight Same Day Change

Using the Spirit same-day flight change service, a traveler may modify their reservation only on the original flight date and up to one hour before the flight’s planned departure.

The new flight that the passenger selects must follow the same routes and connect to the same airports as the one they originally reserved.

You are not permitted to select an earlier flight if you have already checked in via any method (online or offline).

Spirit Airlines does not provide same-day flight changes for any long-distance flights; instead, travelers must pay a change charge based on the fare type and the price difference between the original and substituted flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Spirit Airlines Allow Me to Change My Flight Ticket?

Yes. The Spirit Airlines change policy is quite straightforward and hassle-free. Passengers are free to change any aspect of their tickets as they see fit. The airline, however, occasionally forbids the passengers from making the modifications. When purchasing tickets, be sure to check the type of ticket.

Can I Change My Flight Date on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. Online and offline methods are both available for changing the Spirit flight date. The airline offers a free 24-hour change period; however, reservations must be made at least one week before the flight’s departure.

Can I Change My Flight to Spirit Airlines?

Yes. The Spirit Airlines flight change policy allows you to alter your travel schedule as you choose. Every passenger must follow a set of rules the airline has established; failing to do so may result in change fees.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Fee to Change a Flight Ticket?

The time of the change, the class of the ticket, and other considerations significantly impact the cost of a Spirit flight change. If a passenger misses the free cancellation window, they are subject to cancellation fees.

If passengers do not alter their flight during the free change window, they will be charged $150.

Can I Change My Spirit Flight?

Travelers are free to modify their flights however they please. You have three options for changing your flight under the Spirit flight change policy: over the phone, online, or both. If you don’t want to change anything in the manner indicated above, you can go around the airport and change it.

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