How Much is Parking at Atlanta Airport: A Complete Guide!

Atlanta has many wonderful qualities, from the chili dogs at The Varsity to the street art in Old Fourth Ward. There are many things to enjoy about Atlanta. However, we would be negligent if we did not include mention Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world and a frequent destination for all travelers from Georgia.

With so many alternatives, parking at the busiest airport in the world is no easy task. We are here to assist you in selecting the finest choice for your airport parking requirements. We will offer you the cheapest long-term parking at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport among other parking alternatives.

Parking versus Transportation

There are two extremely popular ways to go to and from the airport: ridesharing and public transportation. even though each has advantages and disadvantages. The majority of people don’t normally choose public transit, and ridesharing can be highly expensive and unreliable at times.

Public transportation pros:

  • Relatively affordable
  • Convenient

Public transportation cons:

  • Safety risks
  • Health risks

Rideshare pros:

  • Has different car options if traveling with many individuals or a lot of luggage.
  • Available at odd hours
  • Rideshare cons:

Rideshare Cons:

  • Many times, they have a flat rate to the airport which is not always made clear when you request a ride.
  •  Supply of drivers is never guaranteed, especially if you are coming in after daylight hours.

Options for Short-Term Parking at Atlanta Airport

How Much Is Parking at Atlanta Airport

Short-term parking at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is available in a few different ways. The most often utilized short-term parking choices are listed below. The cost of on-site parking at the Atlanta airport has skyrocketed, and security is not always assured.

Airport Parking at Hartsfield Jackson: Hourly and Daily Rates

Hartsfield Airport offers hourly and daily parking choices, all of which are accessible by foot from the airport terminals.

Parking OptionDaily Hourly
International $14$36

Another property that provides short-term and long-term airport parking close to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is called The Parking Spot. Airport shuttles are a round-the-clock means of getting to and from the airport. There are several locations for this company; some just have shuttles to the domestic terminal, while others have shuttles to the international terminal.

If you are visiting abroad, be sure you reserve the right place. Reservations for all short-term parking are available on their website. At Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, long-term parking reservations can be arranged using the Site.

Park and Fly

The Parking Spot and Park n’ Fly are comparable services. There is a shuttle service to and from the airport from this lot, which is near the airport. Their website allows you to make reservations in advance.

Long-Term ATL Parking Options

Customers can use long-term parking, storage, and shuttle services to and from the airport at The Parking Spot. For frequent travelers who want monthly or yearly parking, this is an excellent choice. The cost of long-term airport parking in Atlanta is around $5.85 per day at the monthly rate.

For long-term parking, other options, such as the parking garages in Atlanta, have exorbitant costs that are just not feasible. This is the lowest price you can find at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for long-term parking. With a parking option, you may easily drive your vehicle to the airport and leave it locked and secure while you’re on vacation.

For people who require long-term parking and plan to store their car for longer than 30 days, this is the greatest airport parking in Atlanta. This is an obvious choice given the expense of parking and convenience! Long-term parking at the ATL airport can be reserved.

Hourly (or Transient) Parking: It is advised to choose this option when dropping off or picking up passengers at the airport. The following are the rates:

1st hour$3.00
2nd hour$3.00
3rd-6th hours$4.00
After 6 hours$36/day
Additional days after 6 hours$36/day 
Lost ticket feeMaximum daily rate plus the duration of the stay

Everyday Covered Parking: a four-story overnight parking structure situated across from every terminal. The following are the rates:

Hourly $3.00
Daily maximum$14.00
Lost ticket feeMaximum daily rate plus the duration of the stay

A and C Park-Ride Lots: Customers can use this option to take a shuttle from their parking place to their terminals at the Atlanta airport.

Hourly International: There are 1,100 parking spots accessible for foreign travel at the International Hourly Lot. It is advised to drop off and pick up passengers from this lot.

1st hour$3.00
2nd hour$3.00
3rd-6th hours$4.00
After 6 hours$36/day
Additional days after 6 hours$36/day
Lost ticket feeMaximum daily rate plus the duration of the stay

Which Choices Are There at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for Long-Term Parking?

How Much Is Parking at Atlanta Airport

Long-term parking is available in the economic parking, North and South garages, and North and South daily lots on-site. However, the most affordable long-term parking rates can be found at off-site airport parking options.

It provides the most affordable long-term off-site parking available at the Atlanta airport. There is a free shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as parking that is both covered and uncovered.

Are There Shuttle Services Offered by The Atlanta Airport for Long-Term Off-Site Parking?

Indeed. For the long-term ATL airport parking lot, free shuttles depart every ten to fifteen minutes and transport you to and from the off-site parking lot to your terminal.

You can park in Park-Ride lots A and C for on-site shuttles, and you’ll be shuttled to your terminal from there.

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Is it possible to book a long-term parking space in advance at ATL Airport?

Yes, you can reserve a space here in advance of your trip.

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