Emirates Name Correction Policy

Did you accidentally spell your name incorrectly when making a reservation with Emirates Airlines? You can still travel on your ticket if you go by Emirates name correction policy. You don’t have to change your flight name and cancel your current Emirates Airlines reservation to get a refund. Passengers can make an Emirates name adjustment request on the current flight booking and continue their trip without a problem.

Let’s examine all the difficulties associated with Emirates’ new passenger name policy;

  • Passengers travelling on Emirates may change up to 4 characters in their first, middle, or last name. Please do not mistake the four characters for the first, middle, and last names.
  • According to the Emirate’s name correction policy on name changes, changing the passengers listed on a ticket is not permitted. In other words, Emirates Airlines forbids the transfer of ticket ownership. In such cases, passengers must cancel their current flight reservation, process a refund for the cost of the reservation, and then book the same itinerary on an Emirates flight with the correct passengers.
  • Under legal circumstances like marriage, a legal name change, or a divorce, travellers may switch their first or last name, according to Emirates Airlines’ policy on name changes.
  • Name changes are not authorised under any circumstances if tickets are booked using the Skywards Frequent Flyer Reward account, according to Emirates’ policy on name changes. On the Skywards rewards flight booking, passengers can only seek an up to 4-character adjustment to their Emirates name.
  • The updated name will be forwarded for issuance on the current PNR after the name change on an Emirates ticket has been processed. Each passenger would be charged an Emirates name change fee and applicable fare difference.
  • Passengers must complete a new flight check-in and seat selection when the Emirates name adjustment request is completed. It is not possible to switch seats between the old and new PNR per Emirates name correction policy.
  • To avoid a no-show and be eligible for a full refund on the unused portion of the ticket, all flight segments linked with the wrong name must be cancelled before the scheduled departure, following Emirates’ change passenger name policy.

Emirates Ticket Name Change Rules

Can the name on an Emirates flight ticket be changed? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes! However, it depends on the specific circumstances we cover in this piece. The following guidelines are applicable when requesting an Emirates name change on a ticket:

  • Emirates name correction policy – Under Emirates policy on name changes, travelers may replace up to four characters in their first, middle, or last name, provided that Emirates operates the entire booked flight segment.
  • Change to the middle name on Emirates tickets is permitted in accordance with the airline’s policy on name corrections. When this occurs, travellers are responsible for both the fare difference and the Emirates name change cost because their flight bookings would be changed to a higher or equivalent class of service, depending on availability.
  • Changes to the traveler’s first name can only be made under certain legal circumstances, such as when the passenger has gone by a different name legally, and the corrected name matches that on a government-issued photo ID. A photo ID is required from passengers for verification. The Emirates change passenger name cost would be paid by the passengers. A ticket difference may be charged if flights are rebooked in a higher class of service, provided that space is still available in the original class.
  • Passenger Name Prefix/Suffix/Title – Did you forget to add the title to your name? Not to worry! As long as the name matches the one on the official photo ID, travelers may add a title, suffix, or prefix under the Emirates’ name correction policy. Only the Emirates name correction policy cost would be charged for domestic flight bookings. Tickets would be reissued to a similar or better class of service when booking an overseas flight. In this situation, both the fare difference and the Emirates name change cost would be charged.
  • Changing a name on an Emirates flight under legal obligation: Passengers can ask Emirates to modify their name on their ticket in case of a divorce, change of maiden name following marriage, or any other legal name change. Under the condition that the flight segment must only be operated by Emirates airlines, a name correction fee would be charged.

Emirates Flight Name Change Fee

Passengers may request a name change up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure, in accordance with Emirates’ policy on name changes on tickets. The traveller must pay the cancellation cost, Emirates name change fee, and, if applicable, any fare difference. The following are the key details you should be aware of regarding the Emirates ticket name change fee:

  • The Emirates name correction price varies depending on the ticket type and service class. The Emirates name correction fees may occasionally apply to each flight segment.
  • According to Emirates’ policy on name changes, travellers are responsible for paying the fee difference between the originally booked flight and the flight for which the request for an Emirates name correction was submitted.
  • Only for the full journey, not just the inbound or outgoing flights, was it possible to seek a passenger name change with Emirates.
  • Passengers would be required to pay the Emirates name correction cost 24 hours after the booking date, under the airline’s policy on name changes.

Emirates Name Change Fee

Emirates Name Change Fee(As per policy)Basic fareBest ValueEconomy FlexBusiness BasicBusiness ValueBusiness Flex
Name250 USD250 USD250 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD

Emirates Name Change Procedure

Passengers can ask Emirates to correct their names online and over the phone. Let’s examine the procedure in detail for changing a passenger’s name on an Emirates ticket:

Emirates Name Change Online

Following are the detailed instructions for changing/correcting the name on an Emirates Airlines reservation online:

  • Go to Emirates.com and click the “Manage Booking” link. Enter the passenger’s last name and the six-digit booking reference to retrieve the booking.
  • To continue, click the “Emirates name rectification” tab. Passengers may replace up to 4 characters of their first name, middle name, or surname name in accordance with Emirates’ policy on name changes. Please be aware that the four characters cannot be interpreted as representing the first name, middle name, or last name individually.
  • Include the passenger’s legal name exactly as it appears on the photo ID issued by the government. Please be aware that the passenger’s name on the ticket must match the name on the passport or other government-issued photo ID.
  • Pay the appropriate Emirates name change charge and any necessary fare difference at the checkout page. Your Emirates booking will be sent to the sender for issue in a similar or higher class of service once the name correction request has been fulfilled, pending availability.
  • You will receive the replacement e-ticket and the right name on your registered email within 4 hours of processing the Emirates name correction request.

Emirates Name Change Phone Number

Following are the steps that customers can follow to change/correct their name on an Emirates Airlines reservation over the phone:

  • Call the Emirates name correction number and hold the line open until the flight executive answers.
  • Give the agent your Emirates Airlines reservation information and request that they change the name on your reservation.
  • Passengers may replace up to 4 characters of their first name, middle name, or surname name per Emirates’ policy on name changes. Please be aware that the four characters cannot be interpreted as representing the first name, middle name, or last name individually.
  • The Emirates flight executive will add the passenger’s correct name because they need to validate the identity using the passport or another government-issued photo ID.
  • Passengers will receive the revised e-ticket and the proper name on the government-issued photo ID after Emirates’ name correction request is finished.

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